O1: Immersion, training and dissemination

Coordinator: Carmen Vázquez (GDAF-UC3M)



  • Partners: all
  • Laboratories: all
  • Associated Partners: all
  • Associated Companies: all

This objective is intended to address all cross-project activities to enhance the relationship between the consortium partners, facilitate the dissemination of results on different channels, to coordinate training and management agreements. Activities developed in centres of excellence such as the Research Laboratory of Electronics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or other centres where consortium members have active collaborations will be used as a reference model. A workshop will be held in autumn to showcase the activities of the consortium partners and the infrastructure and services of the laboratories. It will include a series of lectures focused on topics of interest to the consortium promoted by researchers and experts, as well as dissemination sessions promoted by PhD students and young doctors. Training programs based on specific seminars and mobility actions between groups and associated groups will also be developed, promoting internationalization.  Seminars in doctoral programs of excellence will be targeted and credit recognition to attending students will be pursued.



The following activities will be carried out:


Activity 1. Coordination & immersion.

                  Responsible: Carmen Vázquez (GDAF-UC3M)

Activity 2. Training.

                  Responsible: Ignacio Esquivias (CEMDATIC-UPM)

Activity 3. Intellectual property matters and dissemination.

                  Responsible: Pedro Corredera (DETFO-CSIC)