O2: Instrumentation for physical                          parameter measurement in extreme          industrial environments

Coordinator: Pedro Corredera (DETFO-CSIC)



  • Laboratories: L2, L4
  • Associated groups: ASTON (UK), EPFL (Switzerland), INESC-Porto (Portugal), DO-TB (France), POE-MIT (USA), CEM-T (Spain), OCG-UPN (Spain), APG-UPV (Spain)
  • Associated companies: Focus, Calsens, REE, Adif, Repsol, OHL

Measuring physical parameters such as temperature and pressure is of vital importance in numerous industrial activities. In particular, extreme temperature monitoring, both for high and low temperatures, is paramount in diverse fields such as hydrocarbon extraction and transport, high electrical power transport or industrial process optimization, for example in those involving cutting machinery. In this technical objective, diverse temperature measurement techniques based on optical fibres will be developed, including C-OTDR and distributed Brillouin and Raman sensors. These techniques enable to implement hundreds of thermometers in a single optical fibre. Furthermore, optical fibre pyrometers will be developed, given their fundamental role in mechanization processes and in chimneys of nuclear or combined cycle power plants.



The following activities will be carried out:


Activity 1. Distributed temperature sensing in fuel transport, energy and environment.                             Responsible: Pedro Corredera (DETFO-CSIC)

Activity 2. Extreme temperature monitoring in mechanization and industrial processes.                           Responsible: Pedro Contreras (GDAF-UC3M)

Activity 3. Sensing systems based on liquid crystals.

                  Responsible: Isabel Pérez (GDAF-UC3M)