O5. Photonic systems for sensory                          disabilities and biomedical instruments


Coordinator: José Manuel Sánchez Pena (GDAF-UC3M)



  • Laboratories: L2, L169
  • Associated Groups: IOBA-Uva (Univ. de Valladolid, Spain), CESyA-UC3M (Spain), CEDI-INEF (Centro de Estudios de Deporte Inclusivo, Spain), IK4-CIDETEC (Spain), CIB-Carlos III (Spain)
  • Associated Companies: T6000, Radiotrans, Aptent, Davos Diagnostics, Control Microbiologico, Visual Display, Indo


This objective intends the application of new techniques and methods from Photonics to obtain devices and systems devoted to improve the daily life of people close to social exclusion due to their sensorial disability, and to systems of medical diagnosis. 

In recent years there have appeared new applications of Head Mounted Displays and active filters with spectrally selective absorption that this objective will try to expand, applying them in the development of technical aids for visual impairments, mainly for anopsies and retinal pathologies.

Regarding diagnosis systems, it is intended the detection of certain biologic agents (microorganisms or labelling of virus and molecules) by searching for the loss of local alignment in a sealed liquid crystal cell doped with the above mentioned targets.



The following activities will be carried out:


Activity 1. Electro-optical instrumentation systems for impaired people.

                  Responsible: Ricardo Vergaz (GDAF-UC3M)

Activity 2. Biosensors for detection of pathogenic microorganisms.

                  Responsible: Morten Andreas Geday (CEMDATIC-UPM)

Activity 3. Augmented reality microscopy.

                  Responsible: Xabier Quintana (CEMDATIC-UPM)